Family/divorce mediation services are available to assist in resolving disputes during separation and divorce or at other times of family transition. As highly experienced registered Edmonton psychologists, Glenora Registered Psychologists relies on its depth of expertise in hundreds of mediations involving families at all stages of life to make constructive decisions. We draw from our best practices in every area to ensure that individual and family needs are understood and managed with fairness and in the strictest confidence.

The Glenora Registered Psychologists mediation process can help reduce stress and can provide the opportunity to help you avoid excessive legal costs. More importantly, Glenora Registered Psychologists is committed to achieving the best possible resolution and agreement. Whether you are a couple without children or a family with older children, Glenora Registered Psychologists facilitates a process that considers everyone’s needs.

The most important first step is to talk in confidence with a psychologist in Edmonton at Glenora Registered Psychologists who will bring the best professional practices in our field to your individual family situation. Every family is different. We have benefited through our decades of providing psychology, counselling and mediation services within a diverse community and recognize that each family divorce situation involves different personalities, circumstances, issues and needs. If you are reading this, consider our invitation and take the next step. Reach out to us for an appointment.